About aesclepion

Both organizations aesclepion (which houses the Intuitive Training Program) and the Aesclepion Healing Center (the Seminary of the Church of Aesclepion Healing) organizations share a vision; offering a kindergarten space for you to explore what lies beyond your personality.  Your spiritual self.

Give us a call with your questions, stories about using your tools. 

"Aesclepion" comes from the ancient Greeks, it is the name they used for their healing centers that were located throughout Greece and Italy.  Historically these healing centers were recognized as the first "hospitals"; where people would come to a central location for healing and care.  The healing practiced in these centers were spiritual healing and primarily took place in the dreams of the individual. 

To this day, most of us know of these centers via the "caduceus" or the symbol the American Medical Association uses. 

The only association between this organization and those in ancient Greece is the belief that there is a natural body and a spiritual body.